How It Works


UCOES is priced to be affordable to your business. There is no per-user charge. As your business grows and you add staff, just install the user's software on another workstation and you're up and running. You can start by using two or three of the modules. Once you and your staff are familiar with these and using them becomes second nature, you can use one or more of the other modules at no additional change. The software grows with your business and its needs. The cost doesn't.

All UCOES customers pay an initial price plus a quarterly support and service fee. The initial cost includes the software, installation and setup, manuals and staff training. The quarterly fee includes maintenance and support and most customizations.

Maintenance Service

As part of our ongoing maintenance, we log in and check the application's error logs, perform basic data maintenance tasks and review the data, looking for any issues that may not be immediately noticable to users.

In addition, your quarterly maintenance fee covers any support calls or emails. Feel free to call us if you notice a problem or just to ask about where to find a feature or how to use it.

Enhancements and Customizations

And speaking of features...most of ours originate as requests from our customers. If the software doesn't do something you need, we can usually add the feature at no additional cost as part of your quarterly maintenance fee. The combined quarterly fees of our customers allow us to make most enhancements at no additional cost to any one customer. In exchange, we make these enhancements available to all of our customers. Everyone shares the cost, so everyone shares the benefit. We design and incorporate each new enhancement so your business can use it if you choose or turn it off if it conflicts with your business needs.

Of course, there will be some customizations that require an exceptional level of effort and are of interest to only one customer. In this case, we'll be happy to provide an estimate for this work.

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