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Introducing UCOES 2.0 for Windows

Unique Computerized Order Entry System (UCOES) for Windows Version 2.0 is based on the UCOES 1.0 application written for DOS. UCOES DOS was designed and developed over a number of years and has been meeting the unique needs of Manufacturers' Representatives for well over a decade. Though it was designed in consultation with our clients in this industry, it can be used in any environment that needs to track orders, stock items and customers.

The functionality of the original DOS application is duplicated in UCOES 2 and we are able to add features such as drag-and-drop (available only in a graphical user interface like the Windows operating system) to enhance the usability of the application and minimize data entry chores and errors. Additional features have been added to consolidate or eliminate manual functions.

The system is divided into the modules listed to the right. Click the text to see the actual User Manual material for each module. Some sites choose not to use all of the available modules. All modules are included and there is no additional charge if you decide to use additional modules at a later date.

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